Library section 5 – Instruction General

The wish is the father of thought

No less than 320 English, 80 Dutch and even books in German and French can be found under the heading: Instruction general. Many top pros and world-class players have entrusted their experiences and advice to patient paper.
Who are we that we would let all those well-intentioned tips pass us by.

Of course, a lot is already outdated, but the same mistakes keep coming back. Not only with these top players but also with us amateurs.

Hofnar thinks he can conclude that his advice to consult the literature about the short game and pits has been taken to heart by a number of golf mates. He deduces this from the scores that were recently recorded in particular on the Par 3/4 and P&P. It can also be wishful thinking.

But still, a visit to the library of the golf museum is really worthwhile. For now, it’s free too. If that doesn’t help……

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Bibliotheek Rubriek 5