Donations in kind

Perhaps you still have an old golf bag in the attic and some historic golf sticks or a collection of old balls. Perhaps you own a ball press, a won cup or an antique portrait or painting with a golf scene that you would like to entrust to the Dutch Golf Museum.

From a golf historical point of view, these may contain interesting objects that are important for the Dutch Golf Museum. For example, because they form a missing link in the development of the sport or tell a story about golf in the Low Countries in the past. But recent golf objects can also be more than worth a place in the museum.

The Dutch Golf Museum will carefully manage your donation so that future generations can enjoy it.


For more information about the possibilities, please contact the chairman of the Netherlands Golf Museum Foundation John Ott (06 2240 9396).


Even after your death you can mean a lot to the golf museum by including the Dutch Golf Museum in your will. No inheritance tax has to be paid on an inheritance to our foundation.

Aleid Kemper was a golf journalist and regulation expert and owned a great collection of special golf objects. During several visits by her to the Dutch Golf Museum, her collection was discussed and she said she knew of no better place for it than in the golf museum. She passed away at the beginning of this year and has enriched the golf museum with a beautiful museum treasure, including the above painting from 1918.


The Netherlands Golf Museum Foundation has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a Cultural Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). The ANBI status offers tax benefits for both the institution and the donor.

The ANBI status has a publication obligation to provide insight into the foundation. You can find the appropriate documents and information about Anbi on our website The foundation – Nederlands golfmuseum


Quote Albert Bloemendaal: 

“I am of the age to put things that are valuable elsewhere. Now I can decide for myself. When I’m gone, others will go over it and you don’t know where they’ll end up.” 


Overview of current donations

The donations to the Netherlands Golf Museum Foundation in recent years are shown below. Big thanks to all!!!

Bertus van Mook’s cup

Bertus van Mook’s cup

Bertus van Mook, 82 years old, looks energetic. Talk a lot and still regularly play a game of golf at Golf & Country Club Geijsteren in Limburg,...

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The golf buttons of Yvo Melis

The golf buttons of Yvo Melis

    There are no less than four boards with more than a hundred shiny wave buttons that Yvo Melis has lent to the Nederlands Golf Museum. The result...

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