Our guides know the stories behind the golf objects like no other. And many a group is impressed after the tour by precisely these stories, which give the displayed golf objects an extra dimension.

In order to be able to tell these stories to visitors even when a guide is not present, the Dutch Golf Museum has developed the audio tour.

Based on the freely accessible (and free) app izi.TRAVEL, 29 stories are now told on your private tour of the museum. Voiced by a guide from the Dutch Golf Museum and listen to it on your own smartphone. And also provided with images and background information.

In this section you can read what you need to do to be able to use this audio tour. And to have some anticipation before the golf museum is visited by you in person.

Download App

A tour of the golf museum is supported by our audio tour.

In this section you can read what you can do to make use of this on your own smartphone. Below are the instructions for use on Apple’s iPhone. The green box describes how to install the izi.TRAVEL app on your own smartphone.

Already curious? You can also preview the audio tour without downloading the app first. Scan the QR code on the picture on the right side of this page.

Explanation audio tour

The audio tour consists of a large number of individual golf objects. You can go through these objects one after the other when following the tour through the golf museum. However, you can also select them separately if you only want an explanation about a specific golf object.

At the indicated golf object you can:

  • View pictures of that object. If there is a dot under the photo, there are several photos present. Then swipe to the next photo.
  • Listen to the text on your smartphone. Click on the play button and the text will be read aloud.
  • You can also read the same text, sometimes with more detail. To do this, click vertically on the scroll bar on the right.

Have fun with the audio tour: after all, it is the stories behind the golf objects that make the Dutch Golf Museum so interesting!!!