Dutch Hickory Tour 2023

Dutch Golf Museum
Open Hickory Tournament
22 April 2023


National Hickory Championships




22 April 2023

Dutch Golf Museum Open Hickory Tournament

Opening of the Dutch Hickory Tour 2023

More information on the other events will follow soon!

DHS-Publications in “De Nederlandse Golfkrant”

Golfkrant 03. September 2022
Golfkrant 02. Maart 2022
Golfkrant 01. Februari 2022


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Reports on Dutch Hickory Tours


Geijsteren Hickory Open 2022

Geijsteren Hickory Open 2022

On Saturday 28 May, a nice group of hickory friends got together on the G&GC Geijsteren. After a cup of coffee and delicious pie, we went to the...

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Dutch Hickory Tour 2020

Dutch Hickory Tour 2020

 On Saturday 10 October 2020, the last tournament of 2020 by the Dutch Hickory Society took place at Golfclub Landgoed Bleijenbeek.Despite the...

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Dutch Hickory Tour 2019

Dutch Hickory Tour 2019

While enjoying a drink, the prize giving was held by Ferd Vrijmoed on behalf of the Dutch Golf Museum and Robin Bargmann, new president of the...

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