Library section 8 – Materials

Keeping the green

The sun slides its December rays that have emerged from its core of about 15 million degrees over the soggy fairways of Bleijenbeek. About thirty golfers pull the mountain or golf shoes out of the sucking turf. Their toes are left forgotten between the blades. By order of the green-keeping guild brothers, holes 5, 6 and 7 have been declared off-limits. And rightly so. Hole 10 is also slowly approaching this creepy status.

The drought and low water level of last summer is gradually recovering. Through the ditch on hole 10 water flows again and the Bleijenbeek is also filled again past the beaver dam.
How grateful we can be for the men with the green fingers who take care of the well-being of the job. I’m talking about both staff from the track and volunteers from the club.

Section 8 in the Dutch Golf Museum is dedicated to materials. The reading is about course maintenance, course construction and production of play attributes, including the bible golf club.
Quite interesting to browse through.

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