Library section 3 – Instruction Swing

Earth, wind and fire

If you think of swinging, the above name quickly comes to mind.
You feel the earth under your feet pulling a magnet on your body… oh that delicious base. The wind blows through your lush head of hair or over the bare skull and cools down the heat of the excitement. The fervent desire, in fact, the almost irrepressible urge to move the hips smoothly. It seems so simple, but give it a try. As complicated as arranging the music for the band mentioned in the salutation, it is so difficult to hit a golf ball swinging.
A well-intentioned swing all too quickly degenerates into an uncontrolled hit.
Especially for the performance-craving man. How do you reach the valhalla of perfect swing?

Go to the library of our golf museum and immerse yourself in the books stored under this section.
A world will open up for you. A selection of experts has entrusted his instructions to the paper. If the knowledge of the English language is not sufficient, you will also find the necessary books in Dutch.

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Bibliotheek Rubriek 3