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Golf library

Section 1: Instruction Putting

Section 2: Instruction Short game

Section 3: Instruction Swing

Section 4: Instruction physical

Section 5: Instruction general

Section 6: Instruction Mental 

Section 7: Regulations and Game forms 

Section 8: Materials

Section 9: Stories

Section 10: Biographies

Section 11: Entertainment

Section 12: Golf courses

Section 13: Jubilee books Golfclubs

Section 14: History

Section 15: Travel guides 

Section 16: Chronicles 

Section 17: Encyclopedia 

Section 18: Museum books

Book of Hours miniatures (around 1525) 

Book of Hours d’Adélaïde de Savoie 

Book of Hours Flemish Schools: The game of Kolf

Cartoons Rules of Golf by Charles Crombie 

Postcards Calkoen van Limmen (vanaf 1912)