The Dutch Hickory Tour 2018 Order of Merit is based on the total of a minimum, and when played more the best, of 4 scores of the 7 tournaments. The large number of participating gentlemen led to the decision to add a Gents Net Merit: Rank 1 Peter Scholz and Rank 2 Jeroen Manders.
The winners were announced by Menno van Beelen, our mathematician, and received a beautiful Certificate Order of Merit, designed by  Jeroen Manders, who is also the creator of all the magnificent Dutch Hickory Tour posters and videos.

Brian                          Iain                                 Perry                                                     Menno                                     Erwin

Yvonne                           Petra                            Helga                             Maria                                     Wilma

Gents Net
              Peter                      Jeroen

Example of the certificate