Golf library

In this corner is the most extensive golf library in the Netherlands. All books in this cabinet can be freely viewed and read by visitors. In this library department we have a collection of literature, which you can browse to your heart’s content. Golf course Bleijenbeek and the Dutch Golf Museum are not for nothing in the Maasduinen, a national park where there is enough grass and dunes we also have.

Take some time to look at old regulations, get the very best advice from top golfers and top pros or enjoy some books from the humor box.

Rudolf Terlingen, librarian of the Dutch Golf Museum, is speaking.

The Nederlands Golf Museum started with one room. Over the years, more and more books came in and a second part was involved, partly set up as a library.

Terlingen took care of the books. “As a lover of the written word, I felt called to bring order to it. How do you organize them? That was the biggest problem. I checked all the books and made thirteen sections based on them. In the beginning I was working on it for days. Now it’s a matter of keeping up.

I think I can now call myself the librarian of the largest collection of golf books in the Netherlands. There are more than 1500 of them and we also own all editions of the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) from 1928 to the present, and about thirty museum works that are under lock and key. It is special that all books are about the same subject, but always have something different to say.”

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Golfkrant 19. November 2018 Rudolf Terlingen (Bibliothecaris)