Golf stamps Hendrick Avercamp

Maria Vrijmoed, a volunteer at the golf museum, also made a donation to the golf museum. A sheet of golf stamps from an inheritance.

Two years ago, she and her husband made their entrance at St Andrews, at a meeting of The European Association of Golf Historians & Collectors. The organization that annually organizes the European Championship hickory. “We immediately put Bleijenbeek as a candidate for 2019.

Her visit to St Andrews yielded a new showpiece for the museum. Not from Scotland but from home. “At a market with historic golf equipment there, I discovered that there have been golf stamps in circulation. I didn’t know that yet. Once home, I delved into my sister’s estate.

To my surprise, I found in her collection a sheet of Dutch golf stamps with images of Hendrick Avercamp, who painted many winter scenes, including ice waves. In the museum there are some replicas of his works. I immediately put the stamps in a frame and donated them to the museum. Much more fun if others can also see them.”

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Golfkrant 20. Februari 2019 Maria Vrijmoed (Golfpostzegels)