Children’s clubs Brian Gee

Brian Gee has transformed a former bedroom of his home into a mini hickory museum. On the walls hang several old golf bags with antique clubs in them. Restored by himself to the robust workbench that is also there.

At this place he hands over two antique children’s clubs to Ferd Vrijmoed, board member of the Nederlands Golf Museum. He is clearly delighted with it. What do you want. These are the first two antique children’s clubs that the museum will have in its possession. The inscriptions make it unmistakably clear that they are original sticks. On one iron is the name Boys, on the other JUV, the abbreviation for Juvenile.

Also read the article in De Nederlandse Golfkrant about the subject in question:

Golfkrant 17. September 2018 Brian Gee (Kinderclubs)