Koeta Radja Cup (1932)

This ‘Handicap Cup’, as the cup is called, dates back to 1932. It is played annually during the IGW (Indian Golf Weekend) at the Hattemse GC.

The IGW received this cup through Rob Boxman from Robert van Aken, a former participant of the IGW. The cup had come into his possession by Jules Rens, the great-uncle of his first wife (who died in 1997).
Jules Rens, at the time an employee of the Javasche Bank and stationed for some time in Kota Radja (now Banda Aceh), the capital of Aceh, was a member of the local golf course there, possibly the course at Lho-mga. It is not known whether he won the cup and was allowed to keep it or whether he obtained it in some other way.

The Kuta Radja cup is part of the exhibition “Golf in the former Dutch East Indies”.
Received on loan from the Indisch Golf Weekend (IGW).