Art collection

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Adriaen van der Linde: Maurits de Héraugières (1595)

Frisian School: Boy with colfstok and ball (1603)


Hendrick Avercamp: Winter landscape with Ice Entertainment (circa 1610) 

Hendrick Avercamp: Winter landscape Kolf players on the ice (circa 1625) 

Paul Moreelse: Boy with colf stick and ball (1611) 

Victor Cleve: The Hague Golf Club (1924) 

Pickenoy: Family Tulp (around 1624) 

Jan van Ravensteyn: Boy with colfstok and ball (1626)

East Dutch School: Boy with colfstok and ball (1630-1635) 

Wybrand de Geest: Boy with colfstok and feathery ball (1631) 

Bartholomeus van der Helst: Colf playing boy near the coast (1658) 

Pieter de Hooch: Children in doorway with colfstoks and balls (1660) 

Jan Steen: The Feast of the Epiphany, the king drinks (circa 1662)

H. Golt: Haus Wohnung (1706)


Van Os: Golfing couple

Pistolen Paul: Golfing lady

Lithograph Seve Balesteros (1992)


Lithograph Golf Club Kralingen (1991) 

Lithograph Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus (1981) 

Berliner golf links from before 1900 

Night watch KLM Open 100 years 

Painting The golfers at St. Andrews


Painting The long chip

Painting Lady Astor Playing Golf (1919)

Painting Aert van der Neer (1670)

Pieter Nolpe, Etching winter view (1633-1653)

Young golfer in bronze

Tosca van Oorschot, Golfer Snipe (2000-2009) 

Milo, Golfer in bronze (1925) 

Golfing couple, two statues (around 1930) 

Chiparus, golfing high society lady 

Alexander Danel, sculpture golf player (1989) 

Sculpture Kneeling, late 20th century

Sculpture Putter in bronze

Sculpture Stumped, a golfers dilemma

Sculpture Pitching golfer in bronze

Sculpture Full swing in bronze

Sculpture Golfer in action in bronze

Sculpture Golfer in white stone

Sculptures Two golfers in action