Photo World Amateur Golf Championships (2006)

Photo of the Dutch amateur team that became world champion golf amateurs in South Africa in 2006.

On the picture are (from left to right):
– Wil Besseling (golfplayer)
– Joost Luiten (golfplayer)
– Chris van der Velde (coach)
– Jeroen Stevens (staff)
– Gordon Machielsen (staff)
– Tim Sluiter (golfplayer)

On the glass plate, the players have put their signature, which makes the photo unique.

Bert Feenstra once bought the photo at an auction organized by Jascha de Goede, a golf pro who interacted a lot with these golfers at that time. For example, he was a caddy for them and Jascha compiled caddy books for competitions.

Bert Feenstra donated the signed painting to the Dutch Golf Museum in 2022.