Collection golf sticks and bags

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Golf carrying case SBWvLS (1900)



Biddinghuizer colfship


Colfslofs 16th and 17th century

West-friese Colfkliek (around 1920) 

Two Kolf articles: Kliek and ball


Golf stick Rut Niblick (1885-1890) 

Golf stick Rut Niblick A.A. del Court van Krimpen (1899) 

Colfstok 16th century

Amsterdam GC: Panel with three golf sticks from 1930 

Chole or jeu de Crosse 

Golf sticks Archie Baird 

Champions bag Lilly (approximately 1920)


Golf bag Gerrit van der Wal 

Golf poles only Dutch golf pole manufacturer 

Rack with golf sticks (around 1920) 

Golf clubs of Peter Marsden


NGF set of irons Bertram Dunn (circa 1950) 

NGF set of irons Albert J. Ife (circa 1925) 

NGF set of woods Gerard de Wit (circa 1950) 

Golf clubs of John Browning 

Golf bag of Christel Boeljon (1987) 

Children’s clubs Brian Gee 

Two golf clubs from Batavia (1910) 

Hickory clubs Iain Forrester


Golf clubs of early Dutch professionals

Rake iron or Waterwedge

All-in-one telescopic golf club

Anti shank iron

PING A1 Putter