The Golfing diploma

The Jubilee of the Golfing Championship 1860 – 1910 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Open Championship (the British Open).

In the image we see the large triumvirate in the middle with Harry Vardon (six-time winner), James Braid (five-time winner) and John Henry Taylor (five-time winner) in the middle.

A triumvirate (Latin: triumviratus) is a college of three people. A member of a triumvirate is called a triumvir. All around are the effigies of the other champions.

This Golfing Diploma is special because it was personally awarded to John Henry Taylor in 1920 and is signed by the honorary secretary of the Royal North Devon GC, also known as Westward Ho!, where he started as a caddie at the age of 11. At the age of 19, he turned professional.

The Royal North Devon GC was founded in 1864, making it the oldest club in England.