1893 Founding of The Hague Golf Club

On April 3, 1893, the first golf club in the Netherlands was founded: the “Hague Golf Club”, the current Koninklijke Haagsche Golf & Country Club.

Quoting from the book “The Dutch Golf History in Word and Image”: “A distinguished group of the newly founded “Hague Golf Club” met for the first time. A board was elected from among them, consisting of chairman Baron Van Brienen, treasurer Baron Van Wassenaer van Rosande and secretary Des Graz.

Sixty curious ladies and gentlemen had become members for 12 guilders a year to play the game of golf in the Netherlands for the first time in an organized way. The first members of the Hague Golf Club were able to visit the first 9-hole course in the Netherlands, located on the Clingendael estate of Baron van Brienen.”