Two Kolf articles: Clique and ball

An old Dutch saying goes like this. “He has clique and ball”. This means that he has everything he needs. This saying comes from the pump sport. Kolf is played with a Kolfstok called “Kolf” or “Kliek” and a ball.

Since November 2019, in addition to a Clique, the Golf Museum also has two Kolfballen and we have “clique and ball”. Both balls are “gummi” balls and are about a hundred years old. Gummi balls are made of rubber (called gutta percha or gummi).

The flask balls were donated by Rob Jongewaard and Dirk Mulder. Rob Jongewaard is a member of the kolfsociëteit “Onder Vrienden” from Oudkarspel and is also a kolfballenmaker. He was offered the buttball to restore but the ball was no longer suitable for official match use.

The other ball was donated by Dirk Mulder, member of the kolf society “Onder Ons” in Andijk. This ball was used by Dirk’s father during his pumping career. This ball also contains the bag in which a pump ball is stored and transported. The bag usually hung near a heater so that the ball was always ready for use. The bag was then hung on the handlebars of a bicycle to go to the weekly Soos evening.