Wall of Fame

All over the world, celebrities are honored in a Hall of Fame, Wall of Fame etc. In the first instance, we opted for a Wall of Fame, on which all Dutch golf clubs, which were founded more than 60 years ago, receive attention. In the future, however appropriate, this will become a Hole of Fame, which will form the connection between the new indoor museum to be built in development and the outdoor museum.

The following golf clubs have been around for 60 years or more:

Golf course                        Founded

Kon.Haagsche G & CC       1893

Utrechtse GC De Pan         1894

Rosendaelsche GC              1895

Hilversumsche GC              1910

Kennemer G & CC               1910

Domburgse GC                    1914

Noordwijkse GC                   1915

Keppelse GC                         1926

Twentsche GC                      1926

GC De Dommel                    1928

GC Toxandria                       1928

Hattemsche GC                    1930

Eindhovensche Golf             1930

GC Broekpolder                    1932

GC Kralingen                        1933

Amsterdamsche GC             1934

Sallandse GC De Hoek        1934

Noord Nederlandse G&CC 1950

GC Lauswolt                          1954

Veluwse GC                            1957

Marine Golfclub                    1958