On 22 September 2022, alderman Martijn Buijsse visited Landgoed Bleijenbeek and of course a tour of the Dutch Golf Museum was also on the program.

The new alderman for Economy and Tourism at the municipality of Bergen (Limburg) visited the northern entrance gate of De Maasduinen National Park together with policy officer Sjoerd Zegers. Relatively unfamiliar with this beautiful area, a tour by buggy brought a solution, in which the estate showed itself in the sun of its best side.

Back in the pavilion, Ferd Vrijmoed took care of the tour of the museum, where of course there was more to tell than there was time available. Nevertheless, the new alderman not only got a good impression of what has been achieved so far, but also what the future plans are.

It will not be down to the enthusiasm of the board of the golf museum. Alderman Buijsse has become clear about that.