Library section 4 – Instruction physical

Don’t believe everything one says

It was the day before Sinterklaas eve. Hofnar was shaking and looking at the weather forecast for Wednesday. Both on the computer and on the teevee it looked very wet. He had to be careful because he had reached a venerable age. Cold is not such a problem, but wind together with rain is. The conclusion had to be: ‘Do not register’.

Wednesday therefore spent on library obligations, while lurking to the abundant rain showers, which did not come.
After studying the results of the race, he came to the conclusion that he had missed the boat. It must have been the steamer. The Saint had generously sprinkled with stableford points. He has therefore decided to blame the weather forecasters this time and to hold them responsible for his low ranking on the match standings.

What one can believe is what is recorded in the books that can be found under section 4 ‘Instruction physically’. To do this, one should go to the library of the Nederlands Golf Museum.

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