Library section 6 – Instruction Mental

There is more strength in the head than in the muscles

It is now the turn of almost the most important section.
From Tiger Woods, Joost Steenkamer to Antoni Girod, we have to suck up the advice. Here one can really learn something.

An example:
Hofnar came in his playmobile to drive ahead. There was a waving head of greenkeeping. No buggies in the track.

Now what. Hofnar hadn’t run eighteen holes in years. He couldn’t keep that up anymore. Then don’t start? € 2.00 burned in his pocket. Maybe a small bag with only a few sticks? He could always stop if it wasn’t possible anymore. Because he had let all the books go through his hands in the library, he had become mentally strong. So there he went.

Result? Through a positive thought position, for the more intellectuals among us ‘mind set’, he completed the round. In fact, a birdie and a second place fell to him and for the first time in months again in the buffer.

In the evening he decided to go through the section “Instruction physical” again the next day. Leg muscles and back had lodged protests. However, these were declared inadmissible. That will be a bag on the back again next week.

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