Championship Bowl Intuitive Putting 2022

The Dutch Golfmuseum has received this bowl on loan from the winner of 2022, Thijs Pillen.

With intuitive putting, you go through the routine in about 3 seconds and you must have putt within 10 seconds. The idea behind it is that long thinking and measuring disrupts our subconscious, intuitive system and therefore backfires. This championship was created on the initiative of Reinoud Eleveld, founder of the Iron Shirt of Golf. The championship was first played in 2015.

Dutch champion 2022 and winner of this bowl is Thijs Pillen, PGA pro at Golf Course Bleijenbeek. Previous winners were Davey Porsius (2015 and 2017), Auke Hempenius (2016) and Maarten van der Vliet (2018 and 2019). Due to the corona pandemic, the Dutch Championship Intuitive Putting was not played in 2020 and 2021.

The Dutch Championship Intuitive Putting consists of a stroke play qualifying match, followed by a match play final. In the beginning of the Dutch Championships there was still room for 72 participants, now the maximum number of participants is 54.

The championship starts with a qualifying stroke play match over a 6-hole course that is played 6 times. The top 16 players will advance in a schedule with a match play knockout on an 8-hole course.

In the event of a tie for more players after the stroke play match, the total scores of the last 18 holes will be compared. If this is inconclusive, a neary contest will follow on a prepared hole, which is not part of the competition course. Players are given one ball, which they are allowed to put once.

In the match play knockout schedule, No. 1 plays No. 16, No. 2 plays No. 15 and so on. The final is about 1 x 10 holes match play, if necessary followed by a sudden-death play-off, starting on hole 1.