The Dutch Golf Museum has received some unique colfstok parts on loan, from a shipwreck that was excavated in 1984 west of Biddinghuizen in Flevoland.
The ship had probably departed from Amsterdam and the destination was a Baltic sea port or Kampen. Because of the few crew of the ship and the large amount of colf sticks in the hold, it is likely that the colf sticks were also part of the cargo.

The batch of colf sticks that were found in the hold were made of ash wood with lead slippers, complete with remnants of the windings around the handle.

Dafna van der Poel, Depot Manager of Erfgoedpark Batavialand in Lelystad, carefully placed the three valuable objects in the display case:

  • M11-233A+B, sawn-through boot
  • M11-242, slipper with fragment wooden stem
  • M11-256, carton and stem in three parts.

We are very grateful to Heritage Park Batavialand that we can show this piece of Dutch colf history in the golf museum.