It’s always nice when the editors of a golf club want to come to the golf museum to conduct an interview. En extra leuk als dit de voltallige redactie betreft van het magazine van de op één na oudste golfclub, De Pan. (PS: de Haagsche GC is de oudste golfclub).

The magazine Panflet is published three times a year in printed form for the members of the Utrecht golf club De Pan. In each Panflet, attention is paid to a piece of history, often focused on one’s own job. But for the upcoming issue, they wanted to describe a broader perspective on the history of golf in the Netherlands. And then, of course, you’ve come to the right place at the Dutch Golf Museum.

The six-man editorial team was welcomed by board members Ferd and Jacques and listened fascinated to Ferd’s stories during the tour. There were plenty of landmarks for the members of De Pan. Such as the Wall of Fame, the Shield Board of the Dutch Golf Committee, the jubilee books of De Pan 95 years and 115 years. And what do you think of the collection of postcards that former De Pan chairman Calkoen van Limmen received (at his request) from the youth members about their golf activities during the holidays. But the most recognition went to the Aleid Kemper corner in the golf museum, the tribute to the NGF rules expert and member of golf club De Pan.

If you read the positive text in the guestbook afterwards, you know that it has been a fun and useful afternoon for everyone!