After the death at the end of last year of Aleid Kemper, a rule expert at (inter)national golf competitions and collector of golf books and golf attributes, the Dutch Golf Museum has set up a special corner in memory of Aleid.

Not only the aforementioned painting of the golfing lady), but also her desk with various, often original golf attributes can be admired here. And of course her complete bookcase with golf regulations has also been added to our collection, creating a beautiful historical image of this.

Last Saturday it was time for her brother Germ, together with his children, son-in-law and daughter-in-law, to visit the Dutch Golf Museum to see the tribute to Aleid. Chairman John Ott showed the company around the museum.

It was a special experience, witness also the following thank you from Germ:

Dear John,

What a beautiful event that was for us. The children and also kun followers (son-in-law, daughter-in-law) have built up a special bond with their wayward and special aunt and we were all impressed by the warm way in which her memory is handled.

Apart from that, it was very worthwhile to look at what you have built up and to enjoy the enthusiasm with which you made that accessible to us.

Many thanks, and I hope that we will still have contact in the future.

Best regards