Aleid Kemper passed away on 26 November 2020 after a short illness. She was 76 years old.

Aleid was known within golf as a rule expert and collector of golf books and golf attributes. As a referee she was present at many golf competitions and tournaments. She was also the proud wearer of the Golden Pin of the Dutch Golf Federation.

Before her death, Aleid informed the Dutch Golf Museum that at least the painting of the golfing lady would be donated to the golf museum.
In coordination with her brother Germ, the Nederlands Golfmuseum has taken care of books, works of art and all kinds of paraphernalia, all related to golf, that Aleid has collected over the years.

In the words of Germ: “We are now working on a permanent exhibition that will have meaning for everyone who cherishes special memories of a special person with us”.

The Dutch Golf Museum is very grateful to Aleid and her family for this extensive donation.