Golf watches (from 1920)

Many golfers today look at a wristwatch to know distances, count strokes or analyze their swing. And sometimes, after a third less successful attempt to get out of a nuisance bunker, you hear the sigh: “Yes, it’s so late again.”

That was different in earlier times! Back then, golfers also had clocks, on your wrist or in a vest pocket with a chain. If you wanted to know what time it was, you had that clock there
before. You’d look up there and you’d say, “Oh, is it that late.” Those watches were often precious masterpieces and golfers had them of course. After all, you had to show, seemingly carelessly, that you belonged to the golf elite.

In the Dutch golf museum three special specimens can be admired.

Golfball Full Hunter 1924

First we have the Golfball Full Hunter 1924. A charming and extremely rare wristwatch from 1920. Alfred Dunhill was the one who made these watches in the 20s and released the golf ball hunter. Diameter 3 cm. Original strap (20 cm). Silver case with fineness 925. This watch has in the lid the inscription Depot no. 41405. The lid is in the shape of a golf ball with dimples.

Watch with lid was designed during World War I as protection against shrapnel and was made for the civilian population as a fashion item after WWI. In the 20s golf was on the rise and this silver golf ball hunter responded to that, intended for well to do customers, because those were the ones who went on the golf course. The enamel bears the name of a famous Parisian jeweler from the “Belle Epoque”.

The (Swiss made) movement – with 15 jewels and Arabic numerals – is in excellent condition and still runs on time.

Mido (1930)

The second special clock is a rare vintage golf ball pocket watch, probably from the early 2nd half of the 20th century. A surprising Swiss design of legendary Swiss precision, made of copper and enamel and still in excellent soaking condition. To see the movement, open the golf ball by turning the two halves apart. The pictures show how surprising this watch is.

BREV golf ball Dunlop 5 pocket watch

We come to the third unique copy A BREV golf ball Dunlop 5 pocket watch No 107244. Like almost all quality watches at that time Swiss made. The nickel case has a diameter of 37mm and is made in hunter style:
Both the front and the back have a golf ball pattern in a semi-flat shape of a golf ball with the inscription Dunlop and the indication 5.

The watch is almost certainly from the interwar period from the exciting 20s to the menacing 30s.

Again 15 jewels and Arabic numerals on the dial, but where most Dunlop 5 pocket watches with No. 107244 were a bit rounder, you clearly see a more elongated, flattened shape here.

As you can see, in addition to sticks, bags and balls, there are many other objects that can delight golfers. And do you also know a special item? The Dutch Golf Museum is all eye and ear.

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