The Dutch Golf Museum opened its doors again on 5 June 2021. Together with the other museums in the Netherlands, we have waited a long time for this moment to receive the visitors again. Of course corona-proof, which is why we have limited ourselves to the first room of the golf museum for the time being.

Also expansion 

After the grandly celebrated official opening in April 2016 by Robby van Erven Dorens and Jan Dorresteijn and the expansion with a 2nd Room, another breakthrough takes place: this time also literally from the 2nd Room to a 3rd beautiful space for the growing golf museum.
It’s not the pace of the creation story, but of course you can’t. And we’re certainly not done yet. But another step has been taken.

The breakthrough not only provides us with more exhibition space, but also brings a more logical connection between the different spaces. The layout was in need of maintenance and spatial expansion was necessary after we received some donations and legacies again. For example, the beautiful painting from 1918 from the estate of golf journalist and rule expert Aleid Kemper, which eluded us at the beginning of this year.

Hopefully we can also give more space to our national golf pioneers and to golf clubs from the first hour of which we have a variety of anniversary books. In addition, we also want to offer people and events of more recent date that are important for the Dutch wave a place in the museum.