Daphne van Houten is an avid golfer of 24 years who first plays handicap +1.9 (= under 0) and after the introduction of the World Handicap System now handicap -1.9. At the age of 12, she was diagnosed with scoliosis (a condition characterized by a lateral curvature of the spine or spine).

6 years ago Daphne received a call from Marcella Neggers, national coach at the NGF. Whether she wanted to train and play with the best physically limited golfers of the NGF. These players participate in all kinds of international tournaments, organized by the European Disabled Golf Association.

She wanted to and now Daphne is in 18th place on the world ranking, a joint list of both men and women. She is the first female golfer on the ranking and therefore the number 1 lady in the world.

Reason also why the NGF has given her an invité for the Ladies Europeon Tour (LET) which was held this year at the Rosendaelsche Golfclub in Arnhem. This makes Daphne the first physically limited golfer who has participated in the LET.

And that is also the reason why Daphne handed over the golf ball she signed, with which she played at the LET, to the Dutch Golf Museum.

Of course Daphne was given an extensive tour by chairman John Ott and also a book about golf history handed over by secretary Jacques Schuiling.