Rombout Jas, son of Henk Jas, who recently died at the age of 87, brought more than 150 golf books and golf games to the museum.

His father was an avid golfer who, together with his wife, had had a lot of fun with the game of golf and everything that went with it.

Son Rombout was therefore happy that he was tipped off that there was a golf museum that was also not so far from Nijmegen. After the extensive tour by John Ott, Rombout was even more convinced that his father’s golf legacy got the right place here. In fact, Rombout thought it was a pity that his father could no longer view the golf museum himself, because that would have given him a lot of pleasure.

Librarian Maria Vrijmoed of the golf museum received the donation of golf books and golf games with great enthusiasm.