14th century: Wooden discs filled with lead

Colf was played on ice in the Low Countries in the winter. After all, the winters were longer and colder than they are now.

From the autumn of 1315 to the summer of 1317 it rained almost continuously in the north, west and centre of Eurioa. Crops failed, leading to great famine. This famine is seen by some as the beginning of the Little Ice Age. Others assume that the Little Ice Age began around 1430 and continued until the mid-nineteenth century.

Wooden discs filled with lead from that period suggest that wooden discs were used in addition to wooden balls on ice.
From the 16th century until the end of the 17th century, playing colf on ice in winter became increasingly popular, even more popular than football today. After that, the interest in this long course game suddenly disappeared to make way for an indoor short course variant: Kolf.