1870 Introduction Golf Bag

The golf bag as a carrier of golf clubs does not have as long a history as you might think. The sticks were simply carried under their arms. The first caddies also carried the clubs under their arms.
This only changed when golfers increased in number and they moved more and more to different playing areas. The need for an easier way to carry the clubs increased and this led to the introduction of the first real golf bag at the end of the 19th century.

According to tradition, the first bag in history was invented around 1870 by a retired sail manufacturer in the United Kingdom. He wanted to make a bag where you could put all your golf clubs. At the time, there weren’t as many as there are now. Seven sticks would have been enough. This first bag was made of canvas tarpaulin, to which a leather strap was attached. Is it a coincidence that the first golf bag appears on the scene at the beginning of the first feminist wave (1870-1920)?

The sail manufacturer, whose name is unknown to us, was soon followed. Ten years later, rough-finished canvas golf bags were popular in Scotland because they greatly lightened the caddie’s work.
The patent for the invention of the first golf bag was issued in 1890 and during this period the first modifications appeared, such as a collapsible bracket.