2021: Introduction of the World Handicap System in the Netherlands

Introduction of the World Handicap System in the Netherlands

The old EGA system worked fine, but every system can always be improved. De achterliggende gedachte van één wereldwijd systeem is dat we niet alleen allemaal dezelfde spelregels gebruiken, maar ook hetzelfde handicapsysteem. As players become more and more mobile, that has become more and more logical. That is why the R&A and the USGA have joined forces in this area as well.

The WHS in four points:

  • The basis for each score to be submitted is the gross scores per hole. Maar als de spelvorm stableford of tegen par is, dan kan je op het moment dat er niet meer gescoord kan worden, de bal oppakken en noteer je een 11 op je scorekaart en wordt voor deze hole in de software automatisch een netto double bogey ingevoerd. A net double bogey is the lowest score on a hole that gives zero stableford points.
  • Any gross score over 9 or 18 holes will be converted into a gross result over 18 holes on a standard course; This is called the daily result. For example, if a lady with handicap 9 of the red tees, where she gets 12 strokes, makes a gross score of 85, then she has a daily result of 10.1. This 10.1 is the score ‘over par’ on a standard course. These daily results are determined with decimal places.
  • The daily result is calculated as follows: the slope rating for a standard course (113) divided by the slope rating of the course played (127), multiplied by the difference between the adjusted gross score (85) and the course rating (73.7). In this case, the daily result is (113/127) * (85 – 73.7) = 10.1.
  • A player’s handicap is determined by averaging the best 8 daily results from the last 20 rounds.