Two Beatrix cups

On January 31, 1938, on the occasion of the birth of Princess Beatrix, the Dutch members of the S.G.C. (Surabaya Golf Club) presented a set of cups, engraved with the arms of the new princess.

The small Beatrix cup was for the ladies and the large Beatrix cup was – it will not be – for the men.

During the war, all silver cups had to be handed in to the Japanese occupying forces, who destroyed them immediately after they were taken. By burying a few cups (this was done at only two clubs and therefore only about 10% of all cups have been preserved) they were hidden from the view of the Japanese police. The two Beatrix cups also survived the war thanks to courageous staff of the Surabaya Golf Club.

In 1974, in consultation with the Hoeneveld family of the Sallandse Golf Club, both cups were transferred to the IGW (Indisch Golf Weekend).
These historic cups from the Dutch East Indies have been competed for annually in the Netherlands since 1948, at the Hattemse Golf Club in September during the annual IGW (Indisch Golf Weekend), which has celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2023.

The two Beatrix cups are part of the exhibition “Golf in the former Dutch East Indies”.

The cups are on loan from the Indies Golf Weekend (IGW).