Van Os: Golfing couple

In the 2nd Room of the museum hang to the left and right of the plate with Berliner golf links two beautiful original paintings, which clearly belong together.

On the left a waving woman and on the right a golfing man. Both paintings are signed with ‘Van Os’. But which Van Os?

Jan van Os was the famous progenitor of an entire family of painters, but almost only painted still lifes himself. Despite the fact that golf is a fairly quiet sport, it goes a bit far to count depicted golfers among the still lifes.

However, which scion painted these canvases and when remains unclear for the time being. And even whether it was a member of this Van Os family is not entirely certain.


  • Antiquities “Exquise”, M.J.J. van Kuik, Baarle-Hertig
  • Purchased by Ivo Melis on 9 May 2004
  • Purchased by the Dutch Golf Museum on 1 February 2019