Wilhelmina Cup

In 1928, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the reign of Queen Wilhelmina, the board of the S.G.C. (the Surabaya Golf Club) decided to establish the Wilhelmina Cup.

Since 1928, this cup has been played every year in August. Until the Japanese occupation, then that stopped. It wasn’t until years after the war in 1949 that the cup resurfaced. Literally, because it is said that a Chinese employee of the club had buried the cup and
saved from Japanese destruction.

A member of the Haagsche GC, Cor Bryan, later took the cup to the Netherlands and from 1960 onwards the Wilhelmina cup is again competed for annually. Again in August, but this time at the Royal Hague Golf & Country Club, where the cup has been kept ever since.

The Wilhelmina Cup is part of the exhibition “Golf in the former Dutch East Indies”.

Received on loan from the Haagsche G&CC.