Hendrick Avercamp: Winter landscape Flask players on the ice (circa 1625)

In the painting, the self-portrait of the ruddy-bearded Hendrik Avercamp is recognizable, this time not as an extra but as the main figure, who is ready to give the ball a firm blow with his colf.

From this form of self-portraiture it can be deduced that Avercamp himself was an ardent and good colver. He faces his equally bearded brother Lambert as his co-star. In the distance, a marqueur (ball marker) stands near the post, which serves as a goal.

Behind Hendrik, the well-known figure of a red-hated fisherman, together with his son, is depicted as a curious spectator. In one hand a hatchet to strike a hole in the ice for fishing, and in the other a basket for catching. The son wears a net to lift the hooked fish out of the wakf.